The Shard

One of the good images that I managed to take

Last week I went up new tallest building London and the experience I had while there was well worth writing about. From start to finish I loved everything about the building, from the branding, the TV screens in the roof of the lift, the well designed book that I bought and of course the view itself.

The Shard Branding

When we arrived there the first thing that I noticed was the branding, which I really like. I think that it is simple and creates an instantly recognizable image of the building. I thought that throughout the building the entire brand image was well created and clearly had a lot of thought go into it as it needed to be transferable to all forms of literature and other uses.

The next thing which I really enjoyed were the illustrations showing a huge amount of famous people from England shown at many iconic locations from around London, a lot of which were created with humor. All of which was really well designed and was perfect in its clarity there was no pixelation that I could find. I was expecting to find some as the illustration was floor to ceiling high with lots of images blended into one.

When we got into the lift which would take us to the 68th floor there were TVs in the ceiling of the lift. Initially I was suprised to see that the TVs were mounted backwards so were hard to watch as everything was backwards. However I then also realised that the lift walls were mirrors so if you watched the TVs in the mirrors everything was as it should be. This I thought was another example of how the shard have gone through the entire experience with a fine tooth comb and have made it incredibly enjoyable.

Finally when we arrived at the 68th floor the view across London was breathtaking. We went at 8 oclock in the evening so London was lit up like it was Xmas time. There is 360 degree view of London and from every angle the city looked stunning. At this point my SLR was going mad trying to find some great pictures. However not many ended up being great. What I have realised is that I need to buy myself a tri-pod, as it turns out I have quite shaky hands, not something you want with a long shutter speed. Alas many of my photos were blurry, some of which ended up looking quite interesting, but many of them were quickly deleted.

On my way out I bought myself a book about the shard, how it was built and its information. this was again another impressive piece of design with lots of well designed info graphics, combined with some stunning photography. Overall I thought that The Shard have really gone to town with the overall experience and the graphics that they have had produced were excellent. I will be doing some research on who made them and keeping a close eye on their future work.

The design of the Shard book is great, from the photography to the info graphics




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