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My news years resolution was to get my act together and sort myself an online portfolio, which as we are less that 10 days into the new year,  has been my first successful resolution. The obvious starting point to create a portfolio for myself would be to design a new logo which I would be pleased with and proud to show anyone, whether they were family, friends, colleagues or potential employers. I created a few different designs initially and the result of my development is the logo that you can see on this site.

My next task was to delve into the depths of my mac, into folders that I have not looked in since before I went to University in order to gather any designs that might be worthwhile showing on the site. Doing this made me see just how much my work has improved since I was at art college (2008-2009) to the present day. I found lots of projects which now I think are utterly awful, but at the time I was pleased and proud of the work. This just proves to me that you can never stop learning in this industry and never become complacent with any work. I recently heard a quote which sums this up, “At every stage of being a designer, there’s always someone better from whom you can learn” which was tweeted by Buffalo7 studio.

By looking at how the branding for myself has come on over the years it has made me think about how all of my designs have improved. I have come up with an idea to design a book documenting the improvement in my work from my first projects at GCSE level through to my final major project which I exhibited at the end of my final year, but then also how my relatively short time in industry has taught me more and improved my work further. My only problem with this supposedly great idea will be finding the time to document and design the layouts for probably more than 30 separate projects.

Finally, what I have learned in the first 10 days of 2013 is to constantly work hard to improve my work as in 5 years time I will probably look back at the work I am currently pleased with and think that it is awful.


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